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Radical idealism becoming practical reality is perhaps the best way to describe any plan for implementing Heaven on Earth. We are going where no man has ever gone; yet those who have taken the time to read the plan, share below how in fact it is practical realism.  Do you agree? We ask that you join them and read the plan... and then as you are so moved, you will join in endorsing it.  Most everyone wants, wishes, and believes in Heaven on Earth... the universe has now provided a plan…do you agree with it?  Is it practical?  How do you feel about it?

Read Others Endorsements of The New Earth Plan:

Sarah Hall, Detroit, Michigan: 
The New Earth Realized Global Implementation Plan is a beautiful look at how life on Earth can change when we approach it with love-based concepts as opposed to fear-based concepts. This is the plan the global human family has been waiting for. It gives us the power to create a world of unlimited possibilities wherein not a single soul is deprived of the support we need to thrive. May these concepts be heard, discussed and actualized globally among our leaders and communities. I warmly endorse New Earth Realized with all of my heart and passion to see the world become a more loving place. www.sarahhall.com

Blossom Goodchild, Noosa, Australia: This is TRULY awe inspiring. The New Earth ... here it is ... The dawning of The New Earth.
We each have our roles to play and I know that those who signed up to implement this Divine plan into action in their pre birth agreement, will hear their call and act upon it. So be it. We are One. www.blossomgoodchild.com

Dr. Marsha Mouton,
Los Angeles, CA: I AM the "New Earth Realized, I have this embodied in my mind Heart and Spirit! I have been Being prepared for this Vision, this Realization, all my life. To have found a foundational plan, to have it here in manifestation is both humbling and transforming. It has become my daily pleasure to have this vision and speak about it in all my activities. I AM bound by God's words that he offers the Kingdom of Heaven in my Life. As there is but one Life it offers it to all. I thank God and Christos for his willingness to let this plan be a thought process and written. We Light workers are here to raise our vibration to make way the path for this transition to be Realized with Ease and Grace. I stand faithful and grateful with Love, as It Is Done! Thank you Christos, New Earth Realized and Thank you Omnipresent God, for all this is and will be!! (Heart):) www.latijeradentalprofessionals.com

Rashied Jibri, PhD, Los Angeles, CA:There are many ancient texts that speak of the love that radiates from the heart and they speak of kingdoms of peace through enlightened thought. These texts also provide a process that leads to fulfillment. The process is the journey to the Kingdom of Love, within the texts is the map we are to follow. However, to have fulfillment of the map there first must be a “Plan”. With the grace of All There Is, we now have a “Plan”. New Earth Realized is the Plan, a plan that eradicates fear as it radiates Love. Rashied Jibri, PhD, a Transpersonal Counselor and ordained Minister of Metaphysical Science and a member of the Association of Metaphysical Doctors. Transpersonal counseling provides assistance by expanding inner vision and refining perception. Phone consultations available: 626-283-8634

Ananda Edmonds, Los Angeles, CA:
It is with great joy that I give my endorsement to the "New Earth Realized Plan". I feel strongly that this is the time, where there is a need for a plan implemented, that includes everyone. This plan lays the framework that will allow for continual expansion to reveal Loves Perfect Movement, spiritually and culturally, for the families as well as nations. With this "New Plan"comes the vision of a "New Earth Realized". A vision far greater than the sum total of it's parts. And that my friends is the "Good News". My heart has heard the call, I believe this is why we are here, at this time, to bring forth a New Earth Realized.

Michael Diaz, Beverly Hills, CA: I love this! This is a fantastic plan. We need this to be implemented here and around the world. What are the next steps that humanity can take to make this a reality? [Thanks for the question Michael... A: The next step for everyone is sharing the plan for the vision unfolds as we all own the vision, share the hopes, which is written on our hearts. By mid-2018, we will begin meeting regularly as funding comes fully into play. So stay in touch, share and as your so moved, join the many in making vision donations monthly.] 

IfeTayo TL Bonner-Payne, Oakland, CA: Having been assuredly blessed while participating fully with the inception of this CoCreative process with Humans, God and ALL THERE IS, I endorse this Divinely Directed intention on the part of those committed to anchor and manifest God's Love fully expressed within us, out as the New Earth.

Aritha M. Edmonds , Activist ~ 92 yrs young, Dayton, NV: I would Highly recommend listening to the New Earth Realized plan (audio) because it will enlighten and inspire YOU!!! Listen to this with an open mind and an open heart. The speaker is clear and you find yourself beginning to understand the subject, and begin to have clarity. You will find your curiosity aroused and you will want to know more on the subject.

Bosco, United Kingdom: Beautifully designed site with amazing content and important messages to read!

Dr. Peter Wagoner, Columbia, South America:I am blown away. This plan is so profoundly beautiful. Wow I get it. I am only sorry I did not take the time to read it earlier. The written plan is profoundly clear and it reveals the simplicity of the path we are looking to walk. Call me immediately so we can do some brain storming, thanks brother for your vision and insight it was a profound read.

Emmanuel Adufah, Los Angeles, CA: The idea is so revolutionary that I believe it's exactly what this dying world needs. We are so primed for a new way of going about the day to day activities. Making love the only thing that moves and drives will lead us to create that heaven on earth we are destined to do. Am all in. My company Ghani Inc., voicefame.com, has media services including but not limited to content creations such as music, video, photos as well as creating websites, mobile apps and database management. We will love to contribute to love's exchange

Angela Carmen Sanchez, Brooklyn, NY: I am in Love and Joy for New Earth Realized. It's the total truth and what is so needed for each one to change themselves and therefore change the world. I stand in love and resonance with the mission, vision and plan of New Earth Realized. New Earth Realized is the vibrational frequency foundation that can and will assist so many. I am extremely filled with joy and celebration for what you have created! The plan speaks exactly what needs to be heard and needs to be realized by each one. A lovely way to live. Love is who we really are. Thank you New Earth Realized for starting the process of assisting each one who wants to go this way.

GIMAA, Los Angeles, CA: I appreciate the message of NEW EARTH REALIZED, being told in a voice that is clearly articulate and embracing. The scope of this movement is genuine, heartfelt, and on the pulse of where WE are, and what WE are endowed to become. The galaxy graphic is riveting. and keeps you engaged. The tone and tenor of the narrative, is well paced and is consistent with the peace, love and consciousness, being recognized in it's listeners. To be able to feel, understand & be drawn into such a mission is validating. Everyone can benefit from this plan, regardless of where they are, on their journey. To the framers of this New Earth Realized plan, thank you for hearing the call! WE ARE ONE LIFE!

Laura L., Charlotte, NC: I am pleased to say as being a part of New Earth Realized and Perfection Healing, it will give humanity a more "touchable" way of experiencing God Force Energy as we all personally know it.  In our daily lives, it's often overlooked and sometimes we may ask ourselves: "God are you REALLY there, can I really trust You?" With this system and ideas not only can we thrive collectively, but we can achieve personally beyond our human imaginings so that we can say from our hearts with confidence: "yes, God is there and I can see Him at work in the world and in my life!"

Jackie S., Charlotte, NC: The ideas presented in the New Earth Realized Implementation Plan serve as a pivotal point for each individual to embrace their own Divinity knowing that each person is empowered to move, create and decide what their natural interests are! Eliminating concerns about basic survival are being addressed! Even now as you read this article, movements behinds the scenes are being established to cover every person on this beautiful supportive and loving planet Earth! Knowing that we are each divinely connected and blessed with many talents and are being offered the satisfaction of discovering natural curiosities and providing for the learning makes for an interesting shift in the creative potentials of ourselves as well as collectively! There are endless possibilities for each person to move in deliberate creation and this Implementation Plan is just the beginning of provisions for everyone to receive generous resources that take the stress out of the survival mode that much of this planet has been plagued with. Thank you for stopping by as you were guided. Welcome to the New Earth!

C. Harper, Charlotte, NC, USA
: For years I have dreamed of such a potential and now most grateful to see clearly a way, a path, to our utopian future. It's a future worthy of being my life mission fulfilled, a mission I am most grateful to have found. What excites and blows me away most about this plan is its simplicity and overall practically. Truly, we can do this!  I can see how every county and everyone can benefit greatly and in the end, all the insanity finally ending... leaving us a New Earth Realized.

Michael H. Elley, Hermitage, Tennessee, USA:It is with great respect and acceptance of this Plan that I will share it's content. To achieve a New Earth Realized will only enhance my life and the lives of those with whom I come in contact. My life has been focused on working with the environment, not against it; creating opportunities that provide alternatives to health and healing; creating and supporting alternative energies; and the realization that everyone is a Child of God, and thus Special. To support this Plan is to support my life. www.michaelelley.com

Joanie Klar, Somers, NY, USA:There's such Beauty in Truth. Just finished reading the Business Plan for New Earth Realized. Beautiful. Ready to capture the hearts and minds of the Cosmos. It's an inspiring template that can be translated into every language and read at the UN. Congratulations.

Marsha Hannah, Charlotte, NC: When I read this divine plan I know it is already so in the Mind of God. I am filled with peace knowing this.

Brenda B., Austin, TX:  Yes radical idealism is the movement of New Earth Realized. As we venture into conscious awakening and conscious action, having a new design or platform to move into authentic assistance for all on the planet is a great possibility to shift an outdated system into a powerful platform coming from the strongest force alive… Love … The plan is clearly a simplistic doable movement towards total conscious solutions that is all inclusive to all beings on the planet. All it takes is one person to join in with another person and another and another before you know it “The new Earth Realized” Plan will become a reality and what we see today will be like mailboxes on every street corner, something of the past that has been redirected to an doable more efficient system based in Love and Talent from all walks of life.

Jeffrey Karter, Queen Valley, Arizona: In the heart of Apacheria and the celestial earthen home “Valley of the Christed Ones”, “We” “Voices of Many In One” do hereby wholly endorse and support in divinity, these works of “New Earth Realized”. What “Will Be” “Is” by your “Will” “And It Is So”, Masters of the Master Plan unite in commonality, “What is in you, is in me” “Same Self Same”. The portals are open. Endorsements by: “POPANEA” Portal Openings Project New Earth Awakenings. Whereby the Ancients “First People” and generations of indigenous with celestial and universal counterparts and earthly kingdoms, have “Agreed” to share, “That what is Sacred”, Ending duality and separateness, opening the gateways of giving and receiving and laying down of arms. What you do now, is looked upon in complete admiration and honoring from counsels on high. “Blessed Be”.

Tony Tucker, Berthoud, CO:Claim with us your Divine Inheritance today, joining us in the intention to implement a New Earth Realized! "We are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For" is a Hopi Prophecy.  Our Heavenly Brothers and Sisters are here for Us. The Spirit of Creation is within Us. www.GoldenAgeofPeace.weebly.com

Trinn Hatch, Portland, OR: I think this is the way of the future the time is now and it's people like us overcoming a life of fear and heartache shaking those paradigms beginning with a grounded and honest love of ourselves as I Am presence. Then living as beacons of light of love in the moment carrying this consciousness of our higher selves in alignment with our heavenly parents. Just as pioneers carried the gospel forward through relentless trials so will we carry the truth. We have spent thousands of lifetimes preparing for this divinely appointed time in cosmos where humanity will again be given the opportunity to rise above polarity and remember their divinity.I will read the whole website but the first few pages I did resonated as something I need to be a part of. Not want, but need.

Seven Ways to Participate:

1.  Simply Hold The Vision and help in ways you can right now. More

2. Join New Earth Realized Global Systems Implementation Team - "Big Picture System Support Work". More

3. Join Educational Transformation Team (at country, state or local level). More

4. Join the Health and Healing Transformational Team. More

5. Join the New Finance & Banking Systems Team (includes new energies, technologies, green projects, etc.) More

6. Join the Political, Leadership Transformation team (at country, state or local level) More

7. Join New Belief Systems, Religious and Spiritual Transformation Team (country, state or local) More

"This plan lays the framework that will allow for continual expansion to reveal Loves Perfect Movement, spiritually and culturally, for the families as well as nations." - Ananda

"There's such Beauty in Truth. Just finished reading the Business Plan for New Earth Realized. Beautiful."
- Joanie

"We have spent thousands of lifetimes preparing for this divinely appointed time in cosmos where humanity will again be given the opportunity to rise above polarity and remember their divinity." - Trinn

"It has become my daily pleasure to have this vision and speak about it in all my activities."
- Dr. Mouton

"This is TRULY awe inspiring." - Blossom