If there is one thing that will create indifference and disagreement in the implemenation of New Earth Realized, it is "Terminology".  It is the root cause to all misunderstandings... as so often throughout history, we have allowed 'words' to get us sidetracked.  Yet, if we take a moment to realize that the weapon of 'words' and is perhaps the most powerful force in the ego mind of man, as defined in greater context in the following.  Because of this, words, for most, are polarizing in their meaning... where to one they bring forth 'positive emotions' and yet for another, 'negative emotions' or feeling come up into one's awareness.

As follows are many such terms and definitions and we simply ask that you be open to looking at some of these differently... not abandoning your definitions, but simply be open to understanding what we are meaning to say.  We have made this list in hopes to convey as quickly as possible, that we are all about love and nothing but Perfect Love.  We seek nothing but the highest good for every child of the Highest Power in the universe.

Consciousness:  The word "consciousness" is used from both a scientific and spiritual prospective. In the spiritual context, New Earth Realized in a process where everyone will become or live life in a state of mind of "being" or in a more "awaken" state.  Its opposite, "unconsciousness," means "unaware" or "dreaming, sleeping" to a reality that insanely justifies something lessor than love as real.  What is love? It is the all-encompassing nature of all things... all allows and honors our choice to see it otherwise less than what it is. We can deny love's all-encompassing nature, but we have to create a dream world in order to make it real. As spiritual beings made in the image and likeness of God, we were given this choice and by it, we created separation or became 'unconscious of the truth.

Thus, New Earth Realized is the conscious awareness of 'the truth' versus the 'anti-truth,' the separated orphan-hood mentality of reality.

Scientifically, quantum physicists are seeing and defining everything as consciousness, meaning everything we are seeing is all about 'perception', which is all about the new "awareness" that everything in creation is fluid, moving, motions, or light energy happening all around us.  In this understanding they beginning to bridge the fact that the only thing that is real is "Love" (The Only Perfect Energetic Force Behind All Things that are Real in Creation)

Ego Consciousness:
The "ego mind" is used in the context of what is described as a condition in which the 'mind of man' is stuck or trapped in the mentality or attitude that love is limited.  It is the mind of man that makes fear real, dreaming as if there can be something in opposition to God (see below).  This 'belief system' believes that there can be something in opposition to the loving intelligence that created all of life through its love.  It is the mind or "thought system" that perceives that love is limited in its power and where mankind bought the lie that life is meant to be polarized, that God's creation includes negatives such as sickness, suffering and even death.  In short, it is the belief that anti-love (or fear) is real.

The truth, as taught throughout the ages by the wisest of the wise, is the fact that love is omnipresent, omnipotent and thus the only thing going on in all of creation. Knowing this is an awareness, an state of mind that is healed from the belief in ego mind. Knowing this demonstrates that Perfection Healing is real and that miracles are natural when we "are simply willing" let go of fear. (learn how through New Health and Wellness and you'll learn how a New Earth is Realized.

​Ego Thought System:
Simply put, the ego thought system is man's limited way of thinking. Being of a duality attitude, it runs in the belief that fear is real in the midst of God's All-Encompassing Love, thus creates a sub-realities or blinded sleeping state based on the perceptions that negative is something that is real in the omnipresent mind of God. The ego mentality has blinded mankind to the ways of separation, making him think and believe that God's Love for us is limited and conditional. It is the root cause of hate and indifference and most people do not even recognize they walk in a double standard, saying God is Love and then judging something he created as less than Perfect Love. This double standard blocks all the ideas needed to bring all the changes we all hope for in our world, from sickness to starvation, from poverty to greed. It believes in its insanity that some children are more worthy than others, that some love is somehow a supporter of evil.  It is a orphan mentality that God has left us to do it alone, that He doesn't care for each and every one of us. And being that He created us, how much further need we say that its this thinking that is totally insane and nothing more than some insane dream reality.  Realizing this mistake is just that, a mistake, is our return to sanity. It is where we find and live a New Earth Realized simply by letting this insanity go. When we do we will see nothing but Heaven is always happening, it has been held out for us to accept, it is God's Love always being there for us. 

This term is perhaps the most controversial of all terms from a global prospective. To us, God has nothing to do with religion or a religious path or belief, albeit we recognize and honor the fact that God is of all religions yet beyond any certain one.   God is Love and the Life Force Intelligence behind all the forces of creation. No matter what you call the One God of Love, we do not care as long as you are willing to believe with us that God is Perfect Love and Perfect Love never seeks suffering for anyone, but honors our choices if we have mistakenly chosen this. Why? Because God sees us for who we are "in this instant" and not in our limited perceptions or prospective that many maintain. His prospective is 'infinite' so it knows we, as our creator, are too. Perfect Love sees us as Perfect Loving Beings, Creating us right now as life expressing itself as Perfect you.  We can and have chosen to believe otherwise, but we can not change the truth of Infinite Perfection in creation. This is the God of our understanding and we honor if you choose to see it otherwise.

​​Love: The word love is often lost to its true meaning due to man's insistent on redefining that which is infinite in nature, making it "mutually defined by localized belief systems or traditions".  In the context of New Earth Realized, Love is Perfection as defined by God. It is unconditionally accepting yet Perfect Clarity in its considerations or expressions in all situations.  Love is the Perfect Expression of Truth ~ God's Truth, Infinite Truth, Loving Truth.  It is tolerance and yet unyielding in its expression. It is the movement of Perfection happening "NOW" and therefore, it does not compare as all forces grounded in perfect love are not of a passed or future tense for it is beyond time. It is a force, the intelligence behind all the forces of creation, and thus is always happening right "NOW" in each moment.

The word polarity basically refers to 'negative belief-patterns' that are the very foundation of man's ego thought system.  This system of thinking is the attitudinal reality of all problems mankind perceives.  It is an attitude out-side the mind of God, which is why it is experienced as "separate" from God.   These belief-patterns are the primary foundation of our separation from Love's presence, so it makes them the primary blocks to experiencing God's Love.  The experience of removing these polarized belief patterns are often called the miracle or a spontaneous remission, which is simply a shift in our perceptions from untruth (the polarized belief that God's love is lacking) to Truth (all encompassing love or correction back to God's perfection as he created us).  Finding and removing these polarized beliefs patterns are part of the benefits of doing the work of Perfection Healing, which is a supplemental learning experience based on the principles learned through the book A Course In Miracles.

Definitions bring clarity and peace to the open mind.
Words are the greatest weapon of darkness. It has used them to start wars, imprison the human mind and propagate its reign through separation.
Assumption assumes Definitions and has made total asses out of many  good men and women that make up humankind.
Assumption is the real wolf in sheep's clothing, using words of the past to justify slaughter of self and others.
Truth assumes nothing, it just is. It applies equally to all persons, places, and things in the Mind of God. The truth is, it is all happening in the Mind of God, yet we have defined it otherwise, assuming we know better than God, insisting on the universe bending to our limited wills and understanding.