"Education is the foundation change to a New Earth Realized. When love replaces fears, a new consciousness is born and the world heals."
New Education Projects & Story From Where They Came:

Back in 2003, one of our members was inspired to create a non-profit organization for researching and implementing the new educational construct as indicated above. ​​As follows are various insights and revelations that came as a result of this intention.

The Problem:  With the historical "Survival Based Education", survey research indicates only about 33% those working are truly happy with their work, which mean 67% are not happy for one reason or another.  Other similar research has shown up to 70% of the American workforce would change job if they had a choice.

​​In the USA, 30% on average drop out of high school and of the 70% who graduate high school, only 50% go to college... and of the 50% who go to college, 70% of them drop out on average before completing their 4 year degree. Now, of the 30% that get their degree, only about 30% of them get a job 'aligned with their degree', so all consider, we can surmise that only 10% find their "passion" in work or 'avocation' as a result of the current system. 

Added to this is the fact that 10% of drop outs compared to 3% of high school graduates end up in prison.  And of course, this doesn't speak to the problem of everyone else paying for this insanity of imprisonment that we ourselves made.  Additionally, is the underlying cost of workplace disillusionment, which cost businesses billions each year in lost productivity.

The Solution: ​​ As outlined and provided in perfect clarity in all the following document that introduce "Talent Discovery Education", whereas the whole purpose of education is totally focused on helping every child (TADA K-12 Program) and adult (JETTI Mall) find their working passions in life.  As simple a solution as it sounds, it works simply because it is simple.

​Talent Discovery ​​"JETTI Mall" Mission and Vision: 

JETTI's Talent Discovery Beliefs and Principles of Discovery (PDF Download)
​​JETTI Mall Executive Business Implementation Plan (PDF Download)
Model JETTI Trade School​
K-12 "Talent Discovery Education" TADA Program, Benefits, and Summary:

TADA Program Introduction Summary (PDF Download)
Talent Discovery Education Flow Chart (PDF Download)
7 Principles of Talent Discovery Education or TADA Program (PDF Download)​
Kids 7 Principles of Talent Discovery Outlined​
TADA Web Site: www.TalentsAreDiscovered.com

       ​8 Week Afterschool TADA Pilot Program:
     ​                   Surveys Children/Parents Charlotte Housing Authority:
Before and After Survey of Children In Program (PDF Download)
Before and After Survey of Parents of Children in Program (PDF Download)
TADA Afterschool Coaching Program Photo Album (PDF Download)

Suggestions, Strategies, Experiences

The 7 Principles of Talent Discovery Program has yet to be fully deployed ​​within a whole school system. Many of its principles, however, are being deployed by teachers now teaching.   These teachers are easily identified as those who have excellent student achievement in most challenging conditions.  They are the teachers many of us remember as our favorite teachers who seem to have a natural intuitive insight into the first three principles.

What many people misunderstand about the 7 Principle of TADA is that they do not address curriculum. Rather, they are universal learning principles that synergistically work to drawn out the best in any person.  What they address is the 'student teacher relationship, the purpose of the student's learning, and the very essence of how talents are developed, be they are reading, writing, math, or any other talent that is part and parcel of assisting a student to discover their passion in life.

While the program has been pitched and purposed to a couple difference school systems several times, adoption has not made been successful due to the fears involving the risk of change at best to fear of complete failure at worst.  In other words, the ruts of change have yet justified the need to try something new as the public has not simply insisted on the accepting the status quo, not realizing there are new ways to do the very same thing, without changing the very foundation from which education is taught.

​​However, we believe now is the time. Someone out there is ready, has the vision and is willing to take risk and implement a system that in certainty, will change our world.
Additional Projects: To submit additional projects, please email us with details or join a our next conference call to propose your concepts, programs and ideas there. ​​

Seven Ways to Participate:

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Educational Systems New Earth Purpose Defined: The purpose of education shifts from ‘survival’ to ‘talent discovery’. Currently, the survival mentality driven by fear is the predominate force in global education and its dominant focus has always been ‘so you could get a job to just survive’.

The New Earth system of education focuses on everyone seeking and finding their ‘avocation’ or ‘calling in life’.  Difference from vocation, or a job, an avocation is all about helping everyone find what they love doing. This we call talent discovery because in our Creator's eyes, everyone is talented and an expression of love.

For 12 years this has been researched and developed and is now ready for mass implementation. The system addresses the two dimensions or needs in education.

​​The Talent Discovery Educational Team Project: The first is re-framing the purpose of K-12 primary education. This system will roll out as a program called Talent Discovery Education, (TDE) – providing students and teachers with seven principles of guidance for discovering their natural talents and learning the ways to master them.

The JETTI Team Project: The second program will be what’s called JETTI malls (Job Exposure, Talent and Training Institutes). These malls will house from 100-150 trade schools—all supported by businesses who are interested in hiring the students. The idea here is simple and has been tested. Students, both young and old, will have the opportunity to shop for a trade or avocation, take assessments and learn how to discover their inner passions. But the key is the shift from 2-4 year schools to 3-6 month training, highly focused on specific talent development needed throughout the business sectors.


The New Earth Realized educational teams focus are all about Embracing and Empowering the full breath of Human Talents and their Inherent Capacity to transform the world.  Currently, there are two projects dealing with educational transformation. They include the deployment of a "New K-12 Talent Discovery education system", and a "New adult Talent discovery job readiness educational process". Each one of these needs your love to move them forward in every local community. So explore and participate as you are so inspired.