New Earth Definitions for Finance and Banking: Humankind now realizes its greatest good is found in extending love. Money is but one expression for making easy its flow. In the New Earth Realized consciousness financial systems are transformed into investments in the Love’s quantum fields of understanding. This, combined with investment in new green technologies and ultimately free energy, the stage will be set to move completely beyond the ‘need of survival’.

Banking and investment, since coming into being, served humankind in many positive ways. However, as the industrial revolution unfolded, fear (or control) became its driving undercurrent of purpose and through our mutual agreement, money became a predominate key to survival in the minds of humanity. It became yet another polarity of fear, supported by clichés such as ‘a necessary evil’ or ‘the root of all evil’, something ‘we need’ to avoid death at ‘all costs’.

The truth is money, or currency, was created to serve humankind in the convenience of trade, as a form of making the flow of bartering easily available to everyone. Making ‘trade’ fluid and flowing for the benefit of all is why it is still felt to be the currency in the global rivers of trade. Thus it is not money that is the problem, but rather the fear that was born into it by a few fearful men—this ultimately made money and wealth all but synonymous with survivability. What made this ‘fear based belief’ in the industry of banking and finance, cloaked in the form of prosperity, a reality? Fear.

In a New Earth Realized, prosperity is the natural movement of love so this is good, very good. Thus our task is releasing it from being polarized by fear, which fuels the greed in the form of grandiosity and control… unhealthy indeed!

Ultimately in our New Earth Realized, a new ‘heaven on earth-like banking system will emerge where a global credit-union type organization will be created and owned by ‘all of the people.’ Benefits for all people is the natural way of unity. In this framework, the ‘control’ of money will be owned by no one and run collectively by the people. Profits from loans and services will be paid back to all the people, so in essence, monthly stipends will become the means for everyone getting what’s needed to accommodate their basic living expenses.

Thus, no one goes without and all basic needs are simply accommodated for as a basic and loving default of everyone’s birthright. In many ways, these reforms are now under way and our plan is simply to bring them full circle for the benefit of all.

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