​"The theme of the our fundraising campaign is "We can do this"...

It is the Loving Intelligence of The Universe That Supports This Work.

As You Intend To Extend Its Love Through You, It Expands As A Gift That Never Quits Giving.

It Is This Very Nature of Love We Honor In Your Every Gift, Beyond The Amount Given - Embracing That Which Is Even Greater, Your Love Extended.

Herein We Are Most Grateful Acknowledging The Great Oneness You Are - Seeing, Knowing, Celebrating, All That You Are Allowing,
Love Being Love."

Thank You!
From The Oneness of It All

Together We Are Creating The Change!


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Thank You for Your Willingness to Believe With Us!

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NEW EARTH REALIZED IS A GLOBAL PROJECT OF THE NON-PROFIT GROUP, JETTI, The Job Exposure, Talent and Training Institute... with the sole focus is assisting everyone the world over to discover their natural talents... which starts with the universal talent of loving our brother and sisters as we love ourselves, which is simpy the golden rule. In turn this leads to assisting them in discovering their talents, exposuring them to the activities, "jobs" they will love doing, and through them, sharing their love with the world. As when we are doing 'what we love' it is truly an act of sharing, and gifting others with love... as we would have them gift us.  Our passion applied is Love invested in every aspect of their lives.  This is as will be evidenced, a New Earth Realized.

JETTI a community non-profit, 501 C(3) organization.  JETTI's mission and vision is the same as that of New Earth Realized: is anchored in "talent discovery" and "training" for the benefit of all humankind.  In this context, once all humankind discovers their natural God given talents or "expressions of Love", they will have discovered their purpose in life. Living this loving purpose is living a life in love and thus naturally creates the experience of the New Earth Realized.