NEW POLITICAL - LEADERSHIP TEAMS

Purpose defined for New Leadership, Political and Community:  The New Earth Realized brings a New Awareness into the minds of Leaders.  This will be anchored in new understanding, a new unity of mind where humankind begins to see clearly the need to move past petty fears and animalistic mentality many have long held dear. 

Ultimately, we must all come to realize that systems of control are limiting and suffocating the talents and inspirations of Love that move naturally through our children and society as a whole.  Thus, movement will become collaboration versus manipulation and control. All of the “wolf pack mentalities”, us against them, will begin to fade.


Jesus Goes To Washington: ​​​​This project is anchored in the creation of a major feature film production that provide insights into the need of principled leadership and its overall greater benefit to all the American people.

Additional Projects: To submit additional projects, please email us with details or join a our next conference call to propose your concepts, programs and ideas there. ​​


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