New Earth Realized is a global intention to work in Oneness with our family the world over. We are a non-profit mission aimed at providing tangible systems of change where every family is released from the prisons of fear and doldrums of mere survival.

We are a team of open-minded people from every walk of life, religion and non-religion, conservative and liberal, shakers and makers of big and small, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, who believe that there is only one truth in reality that is founded in Love. And by mankind's historical standards and definitions, it is radically the greatest of all loves.

In this truth we joined in the knowingness that there is One Perfect Loving Intelligence, One Mind, One Consciousness, One Light, One Higher Power of each person's definition. We concede that most call this Living Loving Presents God, yet we believe it cannot be confined or limited by religious or scientific definitions.  This is simply because Love is Infinite and beyond any single word to define it.  We do, however, welcome in Perfect Honor whatever terms will bring forth a joining in the One Singularity of Intention to simply "Embrace Its Higher Consciousness In Love" within each of us. 

Simple put: the word God and Love mean the same to all of us. He and Her intelligence becomes our intelligence when we release our limited definitions or beliefs and ask, what is the truth here? What is the greatest good for all your children the world over? What is your truth in your perfect love you would have us see, experience, and be for our brothers and sisters?  And together, in One Mind, we are lead. We have asked and received.

Seven Ways to Participate:

1.  Simply Hold The Vision and help in ways you can right now. More

2. Join New Earth Realized Global Systems Implementation Team - "Big Picture System Support Work". More

3. Join Educational Transformation Team (at country, state or local level). More

4. Join the Health and Healing Transformational Team. More

5. Join the New Finance & Banking Systems Team (includes new energies, technologies, green projects, etc.) More

6. Join the Political, Leadership Transformation team (at country, state or local level) More

7. Join New Belief Systems, Religious and Spiritual Transformation Team (country, state or local) More