New Earth Religious/Spiritual Purpose Defined and Illuminated: As the focus of finding love becomes a forever inner journey with talent discovery and new health and healing modalities leading the way, religions of old simply fade and the natural emotional intelligence of Love is allowed to have its full sway.

As the twelve tribes of humankind release their sense of separation, knowing clearly now that it never was, the eternal service to the God Force of Love will have become the focus and all its joy, peace, and happiness will have become the core value and aim all religions serve. Love will quickly become the commonplace and religious working will be service work on behalf of the Living God in this moment. Past traditions and cultures that judge will soon simply fade. Eternal life will begin in the moment and life, love, and God, will all be seen as synonymous. Here, separation will have ended. All will begin to see, sense, and experience, we are all one in the omnipresent mind of God.


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