THE PROMISE OF CHANGE

The promises of change are fulfilled in the experience of love. Each system that is changing will demonstrate that love was always here and simply hidden from our awareness by various veils of fear. Soon, through our collective efforts hunger will disappear and the need to survive will simply wash away in the tide of love’s expressions.

As people seek their passions and their avocations, crime and selfish interests will dry up. Investment in our prisons will be redirected to our schools. Innovation will become the news of focus and the wellspring of entertainment. Talent discovery will be sought beyond voice and dance; it will become the adventure of curiosity across all expressions of life.

There will be full exploration of our birthright where the Creator’s Love will be explored in ways never before imagined. Love will soon become a field of formal study as its energetic intelligence is embraced and clearly recognized.

Love’s clarity will soon become a natural way of life where once assumption and ambiance caused great doubt. Soon, people the world over will see its wisdom and power, for they will have experienced its greater meaning in their hearts. They will have experienced that love was here all along and that the only things that blocked it from our awareness was our insistence of being in control.

Work weeks will soon only be enough for all to make their mark on the world, providing more time for leisure and time with family. Nature and all its love of humanity will follow in the footsteps of this great change, for all who see no other choice will soon see respect moving in all living things.

As humanity learns the totality of love’s infinite and all-encompassing nature, we will have witnessed the experience of a planet in transformation. We will have realized a New Earth birthed in the mind of love as we will see that God is Love and Truth.

Thank you for reading and for being the Love that You Are!

Together, We Are The Answer! TAG, YOUR IT!

On Behalf of the New Earth Realized Implementation Team,

We Are TAG… (Two Are Gathered)… Joined As One Mind In God!


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