As follows are partners in the intention of creating a New Earth. If you know of like minded organizations, please email us and provide their link.

Celestial Realm On-Line

Commuity Miracle Center

Declaration of Consciousness

Era of Peace
          - Era of Peace Video Blogs

Humanity's Team

Miracle Distribution Center

Talent Discovery Education

Perfection Healing
​​Phoenix Voyage

To varying degrees each sites and their founders has embraced our collective purpose with the single intention of bringing forth the experience of Love being It Fullest Right Here Right Now! If you know of other like minded organizations that too connect in this way, please let us know so we can add them below.

Seven Ways to Participate:

1.  Simply Hold The Vision and help in ways you can right now. More

2. Join New Earth Realized Global Systems Implementation Team - "Big Picture System Support Work". More

3. Join Educational Transformation Team (at country, state or local level). More

4. Join the Health and Healing Transformational Team. More

5. Join the New Finance & Banking Systems Team (includes new energies, technologies, green projects, etc.) More

6. Join the Political, Leadership Transformation team (at country, state or local level) More

7. Join New Belief Systems, Religious and Spiritual Transformation Team (country, state or local) More