Suggestions you might consider before filling out your participation choices:

- First, please know as we do, you are not here by accident. Your participation is critical as your love is unlike any other and we need its expressing with the collective. It is key to bringing forth the plan. No one's role is more special than another so please do not question your contribution... just know for now it is the difference and soon you will know why this is true if you question it now.
​- Read over all the questions and do any research you feel needed. We welcome and encourage all your question. Be curious, explore!
- Pray, meditate, dance, sing... whatever best helps you get into the present moment. 
- Ask within connecting and knowing you will receive the clarity of the direction you seek.
- If you feel hesitant in your choices, ask for help: the Help Desk Team will is happy to assist you - ask and know you will glad you did.
- Follow your Heart in answering each question, feeling each answer and knowing you're being guided.  

            Welcome In Love!

More About The Guide:

The participation guide to the left was given us by our friends in the celestial realm, or by what many refer to as divine guidance.

All such guidance is given us by God to help us return home to his loving care, where everyone receives all the gifts he wishes to give us in every living moment. This is what New Earth Realized is all about. see: Promises

If we are willing to ask seeking the highest truth, the most appropriate place for us to start contributing, we will receive the clarity of direction and it will feel peaceful.

This is truth because love is never conflicting and is always considerate of everyone highest interest.

So what better way to start your participation in New Earth Realized? What better way knowing everyone else involved on your teams of choice are lead from within?

Most certainly we don't know the fastest way to realize the changes needed, but in certainty God does know if we are but willing to ask.

We hope you will agree - and are willing to join joyfully knowing and trusting that God is here now. He is right here in this moment reading this with you, in fact He brought you to participate because he knows your talents better than we do.

We need your love in it most beautiful expression, regardless of what you think, we know "You Are The Difference". Your love, your light, is critical to making this mission complete and we glad you're here and we celebrate your arrival!

                            The New Earth Team